Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Basic Computer Knowledge Quiz

Computer programs can then use AI techniques on the computer-readable portion of data to provide better search results. some question of basic knowledge of computer are.....

1. IC chips used in computers are usually made of

(a) Lead
(b) Silicon
(c) Chromium
(d) Gold

The Correct option is – (b) Silicon

2. One kilobyte is equal to

(a) 1000 bytes
(b) 100 bytes
(c) 1024 bytes
(d) 1023 bytes

The Correct option is – (c) 1024 bytes

3. Which of the following is not an example of Operating System?

(a) Windows 98
(b) BSD Unix
(c) Microsoft Office XP
(d) Red Hat Linux

The Correct option is – (c) Microsoft Office XP

4. Which supercomputer is developed by the Indian Scientists?

(a) Param
(b) Super 301
(c) Compaq Presario

The Correct option is – (a) Param

5. One Gigabyte is Approximately equal is

(a) 1000,000 bytes
(b) 1000,000,000 bytes
(c) 1000,000,000,000 bytes
(d) None of these

The Correct option is – (b) 1000,000,000 bytes

6. Check the odd term out

(a) Internet
(b) Linux
(c) Unix
(d) Windows

The Correct option is – (a) Internet

7. The errors that can be pointed out by the compiler are

(a) Syntax error
(b) Symantic error
(c) Logical error
(d) Internal error

The Correct option is-  (a) Syntax error

8. What is the control unit's function in the CPU

(a) To transfer data to primary storage .
(b) To store program instructions.
(c) To perform logic functions.
(d) To decode program instructions.

The Correct option is – (c) To perform logic functions.

9. What is the best way to have a data and the slide number appear on every slide?

(a) choose Tools, Header and Footer, click Slide tab, select the desired options, click Apply to All.
(b) choose Insert, Header and Footer, click Slide tab, select the desired options, click Apply to All.
(c) choose View, Header and Footer, click Slide tab, select the desired options, click Apply to All.
(d) choose File, Header and Footer, click Slide tab, select the desired options, click Apply to All.

The Correct option is – (b) choose Insert, Header and Footer, click Slide tab, select the desired options, click Apply to All.

10. What do you use to create a chart?

(a) Pie Wizard
(b) Excel Wizard
(c) Data Wizard
(d) Chart Wizard

The Correct option is – (d) Chart Wizard

11. India qualified for the Soccer World Cup in 1950 but were refused permission to take part; why?

(a) They didn’t have coach.
(b) They were not allowed to play on Political issues.
(c) The players were not permitted to play in bare feet.
(d) None of the Above

The Correct option is – (c) The players were not permitted to play in bare feet

12. The word 'anserine' relates to which type of birds?

(a) Geese
(b) Kingfisher
(c) Sparrow
(d) None of the Above

The Correct option is – (a) Geese

13. What year was Inheritance Tax introduced in the UK?

(a) 1988
(b) 1977
(c) 1986
(d) 1999

The Correct option is – (c) 1986

14. What is the art of Japanese flower arranging called?

(a) Feng Shui
(b) Ikebana
(c) Florabana
(d) None of the Above

The Correct option is – (b) Ikebana

15. Which artist sculpted the lions at the foot of London's Nelson's Column?

(a) Sir Edwin Henry
(b) Sir Leopold
(c) Lord Henry IIIrd
(d) None of the Above

The Correct option is – (a) Sir Edwin Henry

16. In 1983 which film did Barbra Streisand co-write, direct, produce and star in?

(a) Terminator
(b) Aliens
(c) Star Wars 6
(d) Yentl

The Correct option is – (d) Yentl

17. If an object is hastate what shape is it?

(a) Circular
(b) Square
(c) Rectangular
(d) Triangular

The Correct option is – (d) Triangular

18. Which country had the first Women's Institute, in 1897?

(a) Australia
(b) Canada
(c) Great Britain
(d) Japan

The Correct option is – (b) Canada

19. Haldi is the Indian name for which spice?

(a) Coriander
(b) Star anise
(c) Turmeric
(d) Asafoetida

The Correct option is – (a) Coriander

20. Which US organization’s headquarters is situated in Langley, Virginia?

(a) NIA
(b) Interpol
(c) CIA
(d) None of the Above

The Correct option is – (c) CIA

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Institute of Mathematics and Applications Admission to B.Sc. (Hons.) and M.A/M.Sc and Diploma Courses

Applications are invited for admission to the following programmes

B.Sc. (Hons) in Mathematics and Computing – 3 years

M.A/M.Sc and Diploma in Computational Finance – 2 years


For B.Sc. (Hons): Candidate must have passed/appeared Higher Secondary Examination or equivalent from any stream with
Mathematics as a subject. Application fee is Rs 100/- (except SC/ST candidates)

For M.A/M.Sc: Candidate must have passed/appeared Bachelor’s Degree with Mathematics/Statistics as a core subject.
Application fee is Rs 350/-.

Contact Details

Andharua, Bhubaneswar, Pin: 751003
Phone : 0674-2386972/2386974
Fax : 0674 - 2386973
Website: http://www.iomaorissa.ac.in
Email: admission.ima2010@gmail.com

Last date for receipt of form
07 April 2012

Entrance Date
18 May 2012

Educators US Lessons Learned in Israel on Location

Recently, a delegation of seven U.S. school superintendents visited Israel. It was an intense look at the geography, history,struggle for survival, education systems and contemporary life of this tiny nation—approximately the size of New Jersey and home to about 8 million people. The trip was organized by the America-Israel Friendship League (AIFL) to promote some of the hard-earned lessons learned by the Israeli people that could benefit others.He concludes that it will require a change in attitude from within from the people before they can resolve the territorial, religious and cultural differences. “But, change is possible,” he said.The delegation of U.S.
What about technology in the schools? The group visited the Nechalim School, near Tel Aviv, which is pioneering the use of the “Time to Know Project.” This project was developed and financed by Shmuel Meitar, co-founder of the Israeli hi-tech company Amdocs. school superintendents met with Danny Bar-Giora, Head of the Jerusalem Education Authority.The technology infrastructure means that every student in a class has a laptop and headset and it includes software that creates an educational experience for each student that moves them from instructional to constructivist learning. During class, when the kids are working on their computers independently, the teacher can keep track of them through a command center that monitors the work the kids are doing in real time. Since all the materials are on the web, both students and teacher can access them from home as well as school. Students can share their work with each other through an online gallery and teachers and administrators can easily monitor student progress.
Both U.S. and Israeli educators are most concerned about the kids who come to school with many serious issues that interfere with learning. Perhaps the most impressive school to tackle this problem is the Bailik-Rogozin School in Tel Aviv that turns no child away despite their language, refugee status, financial status, immigration status of their parents, or special needs.Tal has recently turned over the reins of the Bialik-Rogozin to a new principal so she can take on a new challenge—a troubled school in Jerusalem.